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Beyond Identity

Values more than Physical Attributes

Future generations are redefining boundaries, with their identities in constant flux. They are debunking norms and wanting to be heard: not for their physical attributes, but their values. They are conscious rebels, regularly pushing style norms in fluid experimentation. They look outside the more diverse aspects of their identities to bring positive and hopeful messages for the future. Their defiance is soft and powerful, expressed in comfortable, puff, and pastel-coloured looks. For the world of home interiors and textiles, this confirms that sustainability doesn’t need to be earthy. Instead, the aesthetic of Beyond Identity is bold, with a high level of fusion. The Beyond Identity trend is transformative at its core. This transformation of identity, renewed perception of colours and shifts to familiar thinking about the present go beyond what we know for a new future.

Beyond Identity Key Takeaways

  • Beyond Identity addresses the future with hopeful messages and soft and powerful defiance toward existing norms, leaving identity in flux.
  • Beyond Identity is formed via the colouration process, expressed in a comfortable, puff, and pastel-coloured look for the world of home interiors and textiles.
  • Beyond Identity is bold with a high degree of fusion, confirming that sustainability doesn’t need to be earthy.
  • Beyond Identity is suitable for socially orientated younger generations, with soft and harmonious colour expressions coming together to express change for a better world.

Textile Composition