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Deep Nature

Rebalance by Relearning

The natural world is out of balance. Humans have invented processes and products over centuries that have tipped the natural system and created new, unbalanced states. It is imperative to apply long-term thinking, relearn nature’s ways and readjust the balance. To go back to a common way of living where genuine material, natural and regenerative fibres form part of our circular living movement. Deep Nature explores our ecosystem’s strategies: it’s our legacy and future all at once.

Deep Nature is about reconnecting with the natural world, transforming the future of home textiles by understanding nature’s intelligent circular systems. To go forward, we need to look backwards and relearn. We need to rethink how we access, use, and recirculate nature’s assets in a contemporary way, giving into untamed texture, slow process, natural structures and living colours, from subterranean living to low tech indigenous living. Deep Nature is a long-term transformation and relearning process which gives us the ability to rebalance the natural world for a regenerative future.

Deep Nature Key Takeaways

  • Deep Nature is about resetting the mind and going back to nature’s system. This transformational trend is an invitation to relearn, understanding nature’s intelligent system and restore balance.
  • Long-term thinking is imperative to heal and secure our future. Material awareness exploring nature’s ecosystem strategies and slow craft are all needed for the future.
  • Deep Nature materials are sourced from Earth, using resources and colours with natural origins and made, used, and regenerated in a circular process.
  • The Deep Nature consumer values earth, well-being, and unity expressed through actions and conscious commitment.

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