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Empowered Identity

Empower Artisanship to Sustain Culture

Craft is a symbolic visual language representing cultural heritage. Empowered Identity is about creating sustainable cultural connections, renewing artisan sources of inspiration in a collaborative way. Empowering identity helps forge new relationships between heritage cultures and future generations. Humble artisanship and handcrafting also foster an activism approach to design, driving positive social change.

Empowered Identity encourages one to connect with the past and identify with it through craft heritage. For example, textile modifications inspired by the late Danish artist Asger Jorn are renewing Scandinavian heritage textiles. In contrast, heritage weaves hacked with repurposed materials offer a contemporary heritage feel. Empowered Identity encourages collaboration with the past, connecting cultures with the next generations and driving sustainable transformation.

Empowered Identity Key Takeaways

  • Empowered Identity is about sustainable cultural connections, with artisan sources of inspiration renewed collaboratively.
  • Empowered Identity turns heritage into design activism to create positive social change.
  • Empowered Identity encourages forming new connections between heritage cultures and future generations.
  • The Empowered Identity consumer mind-set is relevant for those who enjoy experimentation and extrovert expressions. Driven by curiosity, trying new things and finding what’s unique is a personal preference.

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