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Design Space Program

The program of Design Space will be published in the summer of 2022. We invite you to familiarize with the program of the event held in 2021

Program 2021


Anna Simonova

Founder and Head of the Russian Academy of Design

Galina Minina

Interior textile designer, decorator and certified fashion designer

Irina Khokhlova

Sales Director of "Ujut"

Anastasia Nosova

Creative Director of "Stilnie-Textilnie"

Evgenia Krivosheeva

Head and chief technologist of the sewing workshop #1

Natalia Zaichenko

Founder and Chief Architect of NZ-group

Boris Ignatenko

Founder, owner of Azbuka Gallery

Roman Salnikov

Business development director of Decortier decor workshop

Elena Krylova

Founder and Director of Elena Krylova Design Studio

Maria Svetlakova

Head of the Room-Art design school

Anna Kutz

Head of the Textile and Upholstery Services Department, Manders

Nadezhda Kuznetsova

Managing Director, Founder of Melange Decor

Andrey Radaev

President of the Siberian Association of Designers and Architects, board member of Opora of Russia, Head of the Comission on Architecture, Director of the ArtVision design studio

Alyona Prokofieva-Kuzhel

Founder of the ART House design bureau

Stanislav Orekhov

Designer, practitioner, owner of the interior design studio, author of 20 training programs at "School of Design"

Lyubov Bobkova

Interior designer, member of the Siberian Association of Designers and Architects, chairman of Lipetsk regional branch of Interior Designers of Russia Union

Rusana Pakhuchaya

Designer, head od the AVANTAGE Design studio in Samara

Yesenia Semipyadnaya

Founder aand president of Textile Designers and Decorators Union, head and inspirer of the textile studio "Three Designers", member of Artists of Russia Creative Union

Marianna Mogilevskaya

Textile designer, decorator

Evgenia Ignatova

Head of J-I. DESIGN X BUSINESS, Creator of the DEx Academy design School

Ekaterina Dyatlova

Architect, interior designer, author of unique nothern cuisine restaurant Björn interiors in Moscow

Violetta Dolgova

Interior designer for the most demanding customers who know the value of their time, individuality and personal space

Anna Pronskaya

Russian designer and decorator, teacher of the School Detail Design in Moscow and at the Higher British School, Member of the Subject Design Specialists Association

Natalia Zorina

Member of the Moscow Union of Designers, author of the annual Trend Book on interior fabrics

Anna Pokhlebina

Head and Creative Director, Matilda's Workshop, Matilda Project and Matilda Skameikina's Workshop

Olga Loktionova

Designer, head of DETAILS textile studio, creative director of the Art weekend project

Valentina Rudy

Commercial Director of Dana Panorama

Elvira Smirnova

Commercial Director and art director of the Arben Gallery company

Alexander Zablotsky

Representative of Indes Fuggerhaus Textil Gmbh

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya

Art critic, chief designer of the top Moscow studio "Ujutnaja Kvartira", decorator and interior designer of "Krost"

Marting Gruebener

Managing Partner of BANDEX

Tatyana Chernykh, Galina Lugina

Tatyana Chernykh: official representative of Bandex in Russia. Galina Lugina: Russia's leading textile designer, decorator, industrial designer, founder of GL Bureau, co-founder of AVANGARD Textile Expert Club

Kirill Istomin

The leading interior designer and decorator in Russia with projects worldwide, from New York and Los Angeles to St.Petersburt and Almaty

Yesenia Semipyadnaya

Founder aand president of Textile Designers and Decorators Union, head and inspirer of the textile studio "Three Designers", member of Artists of Russia Creative Union

Anna Sokolova

The Leading teacher of Texshool, author of the course "Textiles in the interior", highly qualified specialist with 25 years of experience in the field of interior decoration

Kirill Kukharchuck

Architect and designer, owner of international qualifications, speaker of professional forums, biennials, conferences and festivals in the field of interior design

Svetlana Kotlukova

Head of PR agency "ArchDialog"

Tigran Simonyan

Graduate of the National Research University of the Moscow State Construction University, author of scientific publications on the technology of construction processes, head of the full cycle construction studio "PARALLEL"

Roman Salnikov

Business development director of Decortier decir workshop, candidate of Economics, the winner of the Breakthrough of the Year Award 2021 in the nomination "The Best Decor Workshop"

Innokenty Ryabov

The founder of ryabovdisayn.ru. He graduated from the department of interior design at the Northern Institute of Entrepreneurship NOU (SIP) with honors. Work experience over 10 years. Member of the "Battle of the designers" on ТNТ

Olga Gonchar

The founder of CINOTEX