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How it was in 2022?

Concept author : Zoya Tee

This year, the space of inspiration and trends were divided into residential and commercial areas.

3 rooms of residential interior: bedroom, children's room, living room

3 rooms of public spaces: hotel room, restaurant, night club

Bedroom / Trend - Safe cocoon

Enveloping space in natural beige and brown tones.

Smooth lines, natural materials, textured fabrics, soft folds,

haze effect, translucency. A space that gives a sense of security, security, tranquility, where you can hide from all problems and worries

Room decorator: Natalia Samoilova

Children's  room / Trend - Infantilism

The colors of sunsets and sunrises, freshness, romance and spontaneity. Light flowing fabrics, unobtrusive geometry, shine. A space that allows you to take off the burden of responsibility and become a little more infantile than we usually allow ourselves

Room decorator: Svetlana Okulova

Living room / Trend - Antistress

A viscous space in blue-green hues with gold accents. Textured soft fabrics, velor, floral ornaments, traces of time, smooth lines, naturalness. An atmosphere of calm and relaxation. A space where time flows slowly.

Room decorator: Elena Svidlo

Hotel Number / Trend - Pivot Point

Shades of brown and blue. Traditions, brutality, respectability. Sustainable furniture, textured materials, traditional ornaments, clear structures. An atmosphere that gives a feeling of reliability, stability and confidence.

Room decorator: Elena Belikova

Restaurant / Trend - Link of Times

Shades of terracotta with green. Crafts, natural and textured materials, traditional ornaments, embroidery, painting. Soulful cozy atmosphere, referring to the heritage of ancestors.

Room decorator: Olga Filimonova

Night Club / Trend - Spirit of Rebellion

Mysterious space in rich dark shades of purple, blue and green with dynamic bright accents. Mirrors, metallized smooth fabrics in combination with textured and matte ones, sparkle of sequins, exotic prints. A space where there are no rules and everything is subject to instincts.

Room decorator: Anzhelika Dolgacheva

Project curator and concept author

Zoya Tee

Designer with 20 years of experience, specialist in the psychology of color perception, colorist and trend analyst.

Author of several articles on color and trends for Elle Decoration and Seasons magazines.

A palette of 176 colors for Finch matte paint made in Russia developer . She teaches the art of working with color in space through the prism of neuropsychology. Creates electronic trend books with an overview of current trends for the interior industry.

The author of a unique course on the psychology of color perception "Color as a weapon". She lectures in Russia and Europe, loves color and knows how to work with it.

Room decorators

  • Elena Svidlo

    Designer, decorator

    Finalist of the Textile Designers and Decorators Award 2021

    Entered the Art Mukhina Leningrad Higher Arts and Crafts College in 1980 and graduated in 1986 as an artist in furniture and decorative fabrics. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia science1998.

    Specialization: creation of decorative interior works, in batik technique and free painting on fabrics. Since 1998, she has been actively engaged in complex textile interior design. Window decoration, selection of fabrics for furniture and walls, design of bedspreads, pillows and other elements of textile design.

    Today Elena has decorated many objects in Russia and abroad in residential and public interiors.

  • Natalia Samoilova

    Architect, designer

    Finalist of the Textile Designers and Decorators Award 2021

    The ideological inspirer and founder of the Perfect Space bureau and the atelier of functional interior items Perfect Object

    Associate Professor of the Moscow Architectural Institute, member of the Union of Moscow Architects. Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute and the International Academy of Business

  • Olga Filimonova

    Designer, textile decorator

    Finalist of the Textile Designers and Decorators Award 2021

    Graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute. Kosygin, specializing in fashion designer.

    Artist, gallery owner, since 2003 founder and lead designer of her own textile design studio Filimonova Textile.

    She has her own sewing production, more than a thousand completed projects in Russia and abroad, cooperation with the best designers and architects in Russia. Participated television projects and publications in media.

  • Elena Belikova

    Designer decorator

    Finalist of the Textile Designers and Decorators Award 2021

    Working with textiles since 1990. From 1996 till 2000 she studied at the St. Petersburg State Art Academy. Mukhina (now Baron Stieglitz) with a degree in Textile Art at the Faculty of Interior and Equipment. She took part in the annual exhibitions - Artists of St. Petersburg with interior tapestries. Since 2007 he has been working in the company A-Elite, which has changed its name and is now called Companion Decor.

    She loves to visit fabric factories, since she herself worked at the Uzor factory in the Leningrad Region and her fabric was noted by a professional jury and put on sale in a large circulation. She visited the production of Rubelli jacquard fabrics and the fabric museum in Venice, the Sahco factory in Nuremberg, Germany.

    Engaged in textile decoration of premises together with architects and designers and independently.

  • Angelica Dolgacheva

    Textile designer-decorator

    She is an environmental biologist by education, but her love for fabrics appeared in her childhood. The designer has been professionally engaged in textile decoration since 2003, after maternity leave, before that she had experience in the 10th grade, when during the holidays Anzhelika made curtains for a hotel room and a dining room of a private company that was engaged in production and later for the apartments of her classmates. In 2006, Anzhelika was the director of a luxury tailoring studio, where she equipped a sewing workshop from scratch, at the same time she got acquainted with the world's best fabrics. Now the decorator is engaged in the selection and manufacture of textiles for apartments, houses, offices, restaurants, hotels. The quality of the materials used in the projects, as the basis for the safety of the living environment, is the most important priority for the designer.

    Angelica constantly improves her professional level at courses, seminars, lectures on interior design and decoration, attends exhibitions in Russia and abroad, loves travel and considers it a source of inspiration.

  • Svetlana Okulova

    Interior stylist, decorator

    Petersburg interior stylist, decorator, textile designer, head of Decora studio. Helps interior designers in the final decoration of the finished object. Creates a complex project and implements end-to-end decoration with all the components necessary for aesthetics and comfort, including custom-made textiles, art objects, carpets, dishes, vases, etc. Knowledge and taste helps Svetlana to stylizes and produces shootings of finished interiors for publications in magazines. 550+ completed premium class decoration projects. Publications in interior publications. 18 years of experience in interior design. 11 years of work as a textile designer for the company Empire-Decor (leader in the market of finishing materials in Russia). Author of the course "Textiles in the Interior" for the International School of Design. Russian State Pedagogical University Diploma Herzen with a degree in "Teacher of Fine Arts and World Artistic Culture".

How it was in 2021?
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