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Trends in interior design 2023

Dear friends, seeing off the first month of spring, we would like to share with you the interior design trends 2023!

Experts note that neutral colors are replaced by bright shades of the spice palette, evoking ideas for experiments.

For designers, the good news is that people strive for self-expression that fuels the demand for handmade décor items.

An important trend is the interest in heirloom, vintage and used furniture, which designers give a second life, using modern fabrics for upholstery or change the color of the furniture.

Another trend is linked with the presence of nature and plants in the interior: from botanical patterns to vivid greenery, which we consider especially attractive for residents of large cities.

The most innovative and technological trend is producing the fabrics out of natural raw materials: orange peel and rose stems, algae, fungus mycelium, flower petals and other biological materials.

What other trends will be popular this year?

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