The International Award of Textile Designers and Decorators is the first and the only large-scale competition in the textile decoration industry in Russia and CIS countries. The best textile designers and decorators take part in the Award. For three years 1430 works from Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other countries were submitted.

The works of the participants are evaluated by the members of the Expert Council, which includes famous professionals from the textile decoration industry, as well as an expert Jury consisting of famous designers and architects, representatives of international trend bureaus and industry media. All winners receive valuable prizes from the organisers and partners of the Award.  


Supporting talented textile decorators

Increasing prestige of the profession

Demonstrating innovative ideas in textile decor

Setting up a pool of the best in the profession.

Award of Textile Designers and Decorators 2023

How to participate:

Polina Gordeeva

Show director

+7 495 649 87 75, ext. 123

Irina Bolotina

Business Programme Producer