We offer you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the room "Happiness" - a warm, sunny space built on noble shades of yellow.
The room "Happiness" is an ideal office for a creative person.
Her head is full of ideas, they grow like flowers and blossom into fanciful images. Her creativity is nourished by happy moments of childhood, sparkles with a kaleidoscope of impressions from travelling and acquaintances, is inspired by the experience of ancestors and the beauty of nature. She creates what is necessary, relevant and in demand. Her creative path is inspiring. What's the secret?
She has a magical office where there are no orders "for portfolio", no "desk work", no drawers with unrealised projects, all ideas born in this office come into the world and find their place in it.
To see embodied in reality something that once only pulsated with images in your head, to touch with your fingers what was originally lines on sketches - this is indescribable emotions, an incredible mixture of awe, joy and pride... This is happiness! 

Project curator and author of “Happiness” room

Zoya Tee

Specialist in colour perception psychology, colourist, trend analyst.

Co-author of "Happiness" room

Anzhelika Dolgacheva

Textile designer with 20 years’ experience