Let's dive into the world of the Contemplation room. Here is a vivid description of the room the authors give us:
"Her bedroom is a piece of a tropical reef, and she herself is an exotic fish living inside a sea anemone. The world of her bedroom is flooded with sunshine and blazes with the energy of a new day, and in the evenings it turns into a cosy nest, where, wrapped in a plump blanket, it is pleasant to contemplate the details of the decoration and dream of new achievements. The walls are covered with quilted panels of orange colour with images of nautilus and squid.
In the centre of the room is a round bed with a headboard made of soft rollers, as if made of seaweed. A round bed in the colour of pink actinia stands diagonally in the centre.
Behind the headboard is a textile partition (a curtain made of two layers of fabric), one side of which is metallised gold in the headboard, the other electric. The curtain is mounted on an anemone-shaped curved cornice hidden behind the ceiling.
Behind the curtain is a dressing table with a mirror and lighting. The ceiling above the bed is covered with an electric-coloured spiral-shaped upholstered panel and cream carpeting on the floor.
This is "a fish called Wanda" - a girl young but ambitious, dreaming of travelling and entertainment, but not lazy and idle. She's always in business and ideas, but knows how to enjoy every minute of doing nothing." 

Author of "Contemplation" room

Igor Kurkin

Interior designer, decorator, blogger. Belongs to a TOP 100 AD Russia.

Co-author of "Contemplation" room

Ekaterina Bushel

Textile designer, stylist, image-maker with 22 years’ experience