Feel the Fabric!

This year the Trend Rooms project will be held for the third time in a row and will be dedicated to the theme: Textiles and emotions! 

Renowned designers will create 6 conceptual rooms-spaces, where through colours, texture and fabrics they will express various emotional states: Passion, Contemplation, Astonishment, Pensiveness, Happiness, Serenity.

Conceptual interior solutions zone

Project goal 

Demonstration of the latest trends in textile and interior design. 

The main role is given to textiles, wallpapers, colours, curtain rods and furniture. 


The exposition consists entirely of partners and exhibitors products. 

It is a concentration of the best solutions of manufacturers, carefully selected by the project authors. 

Designers of Trend Rooms 2023 

Zoya Tee

Specialist in colour perception psychology, colourist, trend analyst. 

Project curator and author of the room “Happiness”

Diana Balashova 

Interior designer. Included in the Top 10 Russian decorators according to "Elle Decoration". 

Author of “Passion” room 

Mike Shilov. 

Honored member of ADDI.

Author of the room "Astonishment" 

Alena Vlasova

Interior designer, founder and owner of Sweet Flat studio 

Author of "Serenity" room 

Ekaterina Savkina

Interior designer,
stylist, decorator 

Author of "Serenity" room 

Igor Kurkin 

Interior designer, decorator, blogger.
Belongs to a TOP 100 AD Russia.

Author of "Contemplation" room 

Textile decorators of Trend Rooms 2023

Angelika Dolgacheva

Co-author of the room "Happiness"

Textile designer with 20 years’ experience  

Irina Klishina

Co-author of the room "Serenity"

Textile designer, atelier director

Olga Filimonova

Co-author of the room "Passion"

Designer, founder of the Filimonova Textile design studio

Ekaterina Bushel

Co-author of the rooms "Contemplation" and “Astonishment"

Textile designer, stylist, image-maker with 22 years’ experience

Khristina Vysotskaya

Decorator of the entrance area of Trend Rooms 2023

Textile artist, author of unique techniques and technologies

“Our daily life is becoming more and more immersed in the world of virtual technologies. We spend time online, forgetting about the real world. Textile sets the mood, forms our feelings, plays with emotions.
Textures, materials, colors of fabrics, their combinations bring us back to reality, giving joyful emotions, emphasizing the importance of tactile sensations for a person.”