"Hometextile & Design exhibition is the largest specialized exhibition of interior fabrics and textile design in Russia and CIS. It brings together experts from all over the country for trend forecasts: about the shapes, colors and materials that will define our lives in the world of tomorrow. Traditionally, the main center of everything will be presented in the conceptual zone of interior solutions Trend Rooms, where every year famous designers in tandem with textile decorators create interiors in the framework of the new theme.

I, as the owner and inspirer of Filimonova Textile Design Studio, had the luck to work with the trends of the future for the third time that year. We realize the entrance and photo zone Trend Rooms. We will bet on bright, juicy and a little crazy colors and biomorphic forms. In general, the fascination with bright colors in design began during the pandemic and continues to this day. Which is not surprising, since cheerful colors can fill life with optimism and living space with positive energy.

The main task of our dopamine interior is to give joy to every visitor already at the entrance to Trend Rooms, to improve their mood and give a charge of positive emotions. Unusually shaped decorative objects, brushes with beads and rhinestones, children's "rattles", scraps and scraps of fabric and fur will turn into stylish art objects and beautiful things. Maximumism of warm colors, contrasting combinations and ostentatious unusualness will become a kind of salute to joy, freedom and spontaneity, which we lack in our unstable world". - Olga Filimonova, author of the entrance area of Trend Rooms 2024.



Olga Filimonovova

Designer, textile decorator