You're looking at the library of a couple of intelligent vampires.
They have seen more of the Tatar-Mongol yoke and the Inquisition. Over the years they've grown tired of noise and people, they don't like where the world is heading, and all they have are books and their crypto-vampire love story.
So, we have red in front of us!
Red is the colour of pleasure and it is the colour of prohibition.
It's the colour of physical pleasure and eroticism, it's the curtain of the theatre, it's Coca-Cola and it's the colour of Christmas and Santa Claus.
It is the colour of attention. It warns, permits, condemns and punishes. It is the red robe of the judge, it is mistakes marked by the teacher with a red pen, it is the red level of danger.
Red is the colour of passion. 

Author of "Passion" room

Diana Balashova

Interior designer. Included in the Top 10 Russian decorators according to "Elle Decoration".

Co-author of "Passion" room

Olga Filimonova

Designer, founder of the Filimonova Textile design studio