Russian-style dining room

Trends: appealing to ancestral experience and rethinking traditional images, references to cultural codes, handicrafts, combining the old (traditional techniques and ornaments) with the new (innovative technologies).

"The Russian-style room is inspired by the beauty of the Russian soul. We do not open our souls to the first person we meet; what we have inside can only be seen by our relatives and people close to us in spirit," says designer Elina Tuktamisheva about the concept.
The authors of the room call to get away "from souvenir and superficial presentation of Russian style".
Russian style in this room is not about nationality, but about the connection of cultures of peoples. The style that keeps in itself the mystery of antiquity, its philosophy and outlook.

Old Russian crafts are at the heart of the idea and concept of the room. Something has already been irretrievably lost, something remains as a memory for admiration, study and inspiration for new interpretations. The feeling of Russianness will be conveyed in the room in tactile images through indigenous materials - fur, pearls, lace, linen, wood.

By carefully studying the traditions of the past, it is necessary to create new things that will allow us to fill modern interiors with objects that contain the soul of Russian culture. So that children grow up realizing their culture, feeling its support, being nourished by it," Elina Tuktamisheva continues to talk about the concept.

"I sincerely want the Russian style not only to become fashionable in our country, but also to become one of the world's timeless styles," agrees with her colleague, decorator Maria Shaidyuk. 

The authors of the room



Interior and object designer, founder and curator of the exhibition "Tryn*Trava. Contemporary Russian Style", founder of the author's online school "Codes of Russian Style", researcher of Russian culture, history, traditions, rituals.

Мария Шайдаюк


Textile decorator and founder of the intellectual textile workshop "COLOR and MUSIC"