This year's Trend Rooms project deserves special attention for its entrance group.
The author of the installation is Khristina Vysotskaya - textile artist, researcher, author of unique techniques and technologies that weave together folk traditions, industry and contemporary art.
So, here is what Khristina Vysotskaya says about her concept "Dark Substances":

"Man has a God-sized hole in his soul and everyone fills it as he or she can" (Jean-Paul Sartre)

The central elements of the textile installation «Dark Substances» have the shape of the Mobius Ribbon - a symbol of infinity, interconnectedness and dual perception of the one. In astronomy, «Dark Substances» is matter that cannot be seen, but also cannot be denied its existence.

The left and right showcases are like ice and flame, cold and warmth, cosmic and earthly, the opposition between rational and emotional, the power of reason and the power of the senses.
The left window in cold shades reflects the image of the intangible world, the distant, incomprehensible and indifferent cosmos.
Blue is the colour of wisdom and creation, divine beginning and spiritual perfection.
The right window in warm shades of orange and magenta is our material world, where feelings and emotions rule.
Orange is the colour of optimism, symbolising joy, energy and the power of emotions, and magenta - bold, passionate and sensual - is life itself.

All elements of the installation are completely handmade by the author, which continues the theme of emotions and energy that are transmitted from the artist to the viewer. 

Decorator of the entrance area of Trend Rooms 2023

Khristina Vysotskaya

Textile artist, author of unique techniques and technologies