Espocada pays special attention to educational projects, the main of which is Espocada Trend Week, the annual international design week, which has been traditionally held in September in Moscow for 10 years and is a discovery of future trends of the year, an event for all representatives of the profession. It helps to establish useful contacts, learn new trends in the industry, and personally communicate with speakers and experts.

ESPOCADA TREND WEEK brings together world industry stars and professionals in their field. For the first time in 9 years, in 2021, the design week was held in collaboration with the most famous exhibition in the industry - Hometextile & Design (form. Heimtextil Russia). 

Ten years ago, Espocada Trend Week began with massive performances in a flagship showroom with purpose-built exhibition space and stage. By 2022, the event has reached incredible proportions, and now Espocada Trend Week, without exaggeration, can be called an international design week.

Among the guests of the event are designers and decorators not only from Russia, but also from other CIS countries and Europe.
Many foreign brand representatives perform on the Espocada Trend Week stage, including Stefan Gabel (Zimmer+Rohde), Frederick Winkler (Hodsoll McKenzie), Katharina Schmitter (Ardecora), Christian Fischbacher, Axel de Lenclos (ADO Goldkante, Designs of The time , Charles Burger), Peter Lorenz (Venesto). 

The purpose of Espocada Trend Week is to contribute to the industry, to form a sense of taste, to identify new trends. With expert vision, the participants of the annual Design Week are always in the flow, attending all important events in the textile industry and broadcasting the latest information from the stage. 

This year, Espocada Trend Week turns 11 years old, and guests of the design week will be able not only to celebrate the anniversary of this most important event for the textile industry, but also see the presentations of new collections that will be presented on the stage of Espocada Trend Week. Espocada will present the novelties of the season - the most trendy catalogs created by the best designers in Germany, fabrics with a bright character and spectacular designs that meet the spirit of the time. 

About Espocada

Espocada has been creating interior fabrics for 25 years and is a brand that unites the best, most talented designers and decorators - people who have made beauty their profession. To date, Espocada fabrics are present in all major showrooms in Russia and the nearest foreign countries. Collections are developed with German specialists and produced at the best world factories, while the quality is checked and guaranteed by demanding European technologists. A pleasant bonus is that all fabrics are available in Moscow at the warehouse and it gives an opportunity to receive them the next day after the order.