We bring to your attention the project of designer Mike Shilov and textile decorator Ekaterina Bushel - a bathroom in the emotion "Astonishment".
Get ready, the description is very intriguing!
Velvet, silk, porcelain and light... The secret room is filled with tenderness and tenderness, but the entrance to it is not open to everyone. Why don't you try a peek?
The Chamber of Secrets. Her boudoir is separated from her bedroom only by a drapery. Behind a purple silk curtain is a dressing table with birds of paradise hovering over it and a small armchair where she rests contemplating her favourite bonsai. The porcelain petals cast a soft light on her skin, which surpasses the finest porcelain in its whiteness. Admiring her beauty, the writer indulges in dreams of possessing the beauty. When he follows the dream for a moment, she slips away, disappears from sight. Not a sound, not a rustle, only the folds of the drapery seem to move a little. 

Going behind the silk curtain and pulling back the fabric with his hand, the writer sees a magenta-coloured font as perfectly round as a woman's body, as if also made of porcelain. In it, covering her eyes, his muse is dreaming about something. Her delicate skin looks even whiter in contrast to the flashy bathroom, and she pretends not to notice him. Or does she really not notice him? The walls are covered with purple velvet, making the atmosphere of the secret room even more solemn and alluring at the same time. The writer approaches a rounded, sensual shell, where birds of paradise with golden tails flutter about. He is distracted for a moment, admiring their beauty.
Touching the elegant faucet, he opens the water and, leaning over the sink, rinses his face with cold water. The writer seems to shake off the obsession and notices that there is no one else in the room but him. Smiling at his obsession, he thoughtfully opens the water of the floor faucet for the bath and, adjusting the temperature, fills the font. The writer throws his dressing gown on the chair and plunges into the water. His hands rest comfortably on the gentle sides of the bathtub, his body is completely relaxed. The writer closes his eyes and the muse returns to him. He takes a dictaphone in his hand and begins to dictate a new chapter of his narrative ... 

Author of "Astonishment" room

Mike Shilov

Honored member of ADDI

Co-author of "Astonishment" room

Ekaterina Bushel

Textile designer, stylist, image-maker with 22 years’ experience