Brace yourself, we are plunging to the depths of our consciousness.
Reverie is a stop in time, a quiet break in the endless flow of information.
The state of thoughtfulness is akin to a luxury for many today. Days are filled with a million visual images, we switch from wave to wave, jumping from task to task, instantly forgetting what we have done and overlooking something important.
We live in a new world where it is possible to be lonely among the crowd, and at the same time feel close to loved ones, being confined in space. Information flows can only be regulated by ourselves.

Stop and think about it.

We are literally the conduits of this shared global info-field. We are what we consume.
High-quality cinema and music, quality acoustics and light, quality design and colouristics - and the stop in time will be qualitative, and what is important in our time - productive. 

Author of "Reverie" room

Ekaterina Savkina

Interior designer, stylist, decorator