Dopamine workshop

Rich accents, experiments with form and materials, overlapping color and geometric combinations, active geometric prints

Dopamine Workshop is a careful reflection on how we, as adults, are drifting away from the original and pure source of happiness and dopamine that our childhood was rich in. The room acts as a metaphor for lost happiness, reviving the naive joys of our younger years through expressive and meaningful objects that are designed to remind us of true values and pleasures.

The inspiration for the room was drawn from the genuine joy and carefree nature of childhood, a time when every moment was full of discovery and emotional intensity. The emotional background of the room is a mixture of joy with a slight sadness for lost moments, it is designed to lift the veil of vanity of the modern world, showing how the simple joys of life gave way to quick and fleeting satisfaction. In the atmosphere of the stand one can feel the contradiction between natural childish fun and adult pursuit of superficial happiness. 

The key objects of the stand are items that carry a double meaning: on the one hand, totems symbolizing the children's toy "pyramid", lollipops and teddy bears take you to the world of childhood fantasies, on the other hand - a projector, designer shoes, branded suitcases and fast food symbolize modern "dopamine traps". These elements reflect the trend of conscious consumption of fast dopamines, reminding us of the variability of ways to achieve happiness.

The authors of the room


Sergey Tregubov

Interior designer

Julia Maids

Head and founder of the textile studio Gornitsa