Adaptation time. Finding a comfort zone.

Trend rooms 2024

In times of global world change, people need care and support, and their psyche chooses the best option to escape from stress.
This year the Trend Rooms team will show how 4 typical scenarios of people's adaptation in times of global world changes can be realized.
We hope this project will help designers and decorators to better understand the needs of customers and offer them the best solution according to one of the scenarios.

Trend Rooms 2024 team:
Room designers: Alexander Mershiev, Sergey Tregubov, Yulia Golavskaya, Elina Tuktamisheva
Textile decorators will be finalists of the Textile Designers and Decorators Award 2023: Albina Knizhnik, Victoria Degay, Maria Shaidayuk, Olga Sokerkina, Yulia Gornichnykh.
Textile design of the entrance area of Trend Rooms will be realized by Olga Filimonova's team.
The curator and architect of the zone is Zoya Ti.

Adaptation time. Finding a comfort zone.

Trend Rooms 2024

Russian-style dining room

appealing to ancestral experience and reinterpretation of traditional images, references to cultural codes, handicrafts, combining traditional techniques and ornaments with new innovative technologies.

White bedroom

emotional design, texture, relief, tactile materials, geometricity, minimizing information noise and moving away from color.

Dopamine workshop

rich accents, experiments with form and materials, overlapping color and geometric combinations, active geometric prints

Relaxation and meditation room

biophilic design, natural and natural shades and materials, animalism and plant prints, abundance of living plants.

Architect and curator of Trend Rooms 2024


  • Trend Analyst
  • Consultant to companies in the field of trends.
  • Designer of exhibition spaces, 20 years in interior design
  • Researcher of color perception and its influence on people
  • Colorist and creator of the basic palette for the Finch brand
  • Author of trend articles for leading print and electronic publications.
  • Author of unique training programs on Interior Coloristry and Psychology of Color Perception, more than 2000 Russian-speaking students from all over the world.
  • Lectures on color and trends at leading Russian and international conferences for designers and decorators.

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